Palm's New SmartPhone

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I had a Palm back in the day.  It truly was a great piece of technology for its time.  As most of the mobile / PDA community would agree, they just did not evolve sufficiently.  The Palm Pre has captured my eye though.

Currently I carry two mobile devices, a Blackberry Pearl and an Apple iPhone (1st gen).  The Pearl is my primary device serving as my phone and work PDA.  My iPhone is more of a personal device used more for surfing, personal email, and multimedia.  Blackberry has the iPhone beat with the Exchange and Google Apps integration points.  The iPhone has the BB beat with the touch screen and multimedia options.  Personally I don't care for the Pearl or the iPhone keyboard, but I chose the Pearl for the form factor over the Curve or another larger BB.

The new Palm Pre seems to find middle ground for me between my two devices.  Palm seems to have really done their homework on this device and made sure to exploit their competitor weaknesses, mimick the popular ones, and still innovate to distinguish the Pre from them.   The OS rewrite is also promising and should encourage people previously put off by Palm devices.

One thing I cringe at... Sprint... seriously?  I have never been a fan of Sprint.  My current devices are VZ and AT&T so I guess I will be out of luck until their exclusivity deal expires.  Unless someone wants to float a device my way and I will be happy to plug them with a little advertisement on this page.  Wishful thinking?