Purge All Your Mail in Mutt

Having a "catchall" mailbox is handy at times, but otherwise it's 99.99% useless to you on a daily basis.  For example for emails from our system and general notifications, we have a noreply@ address.  Needless to say this gets spam and bounces.  The only time you really need to read them is for troubleshooting purposes.

So now that I misconfigured something and spammed myself to death, how do i purge that mailbox on my system from 'mutt'?  Well, it is relatively simple.

  1. Press 'D' to "Delete messages matching..."
  2. Press '.$' for the expression
  3. Press <enter> to finish taggin all the messages
  4. Now quit and hit YES when mutt asks you to purge all messages.

Ahhh... empty mailbox.  Now if only I could really do that on my regular inbox.