Mobile Photo Printing with the Wasabi PZ310

Dell Wasabi PZ310

What is it?

The new Dell Wasabi allows for instant digital photo gratification.  I know many snap happy people with their digital cameras and so many photos never see the light of day.  Perhaps they will make FaceBook or Flickr, but sometimes you just want something in your hand right then and there.

Dell's new ZINK / Zero Ink technology is what makes this device slick.  The Wasabi uses special paper to print out the photos on demand.  A modern day Polaroid!  I bet someone is already working on the digital camera/ZINK device all in one.  Currently the prints are 2"x3" and have a self-adhesive backing.  Additional photo paper is available for 24/48 packs at $12/$20 from Dell's website.

Connectivity to the Dell Wasabi is achieved via bluetooth or PictBridge USB connection from your digital camera or even your mobile phone!  Of course this could be a sticking point for you if you cannot get your device connected.


I have never been a photo person even in this age of digital cameras.  Yes I have one, but rarely would I use it.  With the Wasabi PZ310 I can snap shots and instantly indulge my creative side.  Make collages or maybe even photo magnets with just some magnetic paper.  I just wish there was a slightly bigger print size available, but that may already in the works as well.

Hurry Up

I heard from a contact at Dell that the $99 promotional rate may not stick around too long.  After that, the regular price will be $149.  Maybe my Dell contact can get me a demo model...

Check it out on Dell's Website: