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In my Nagios testing I was trying to work with the CHECK_ESX3.PL script to run some scripts against the ESX hosts in the environment. I installed the required VMware vSphere Perl SDK (latest from VMware's site). I was able to run "./" without any errors. However when I tried to run an actual check against a host I received:

IBM BladeCenter BIOS Post Error

After upgrading the BIOS to the latest revision of several HS21 blades in the IBM BladeCenter H Chassis, I began to see several errors during system boot / post.

POSTBIOS: 00182100 000000Q
00182100 00000000 iSCSI/BOFM error

VMware - Cannot add extent in vSphere

I had a small datastore that was at capacity in my ESXi 4.1 vSphere/vCenter cluster. I created a new LUN on my iSCSI storage to add as an extent to the datastore. However when I went into the configuration of the datastore within the vSphere client and hit the INCREASE button, the new LUN was not visible.

VMware Disk Maximums

edit - VMFSv3 only...

Because I'm always forgetting the Logic in the VMware Maximum Storage capacity for a datastore, LUN and VMFS volume.

Max Extent size 2TB minus 512B
Max VMFS size 64TB minus 512B
Max Number of Extents per Volume 32 (32 x 2TB = 64TB)

Link - CSS Text Shadow Tricks

Always looking for new ways to make text on a webpage pop? This link has a lot of great examples of CSS text shadows. You can use these little CSS tricks to make eye-catching headlines or titles without the need for images or other tricks.

Info - Drive Indicator Patterns, DELL PowerEdge 1950/2950

Surprisingly took a bit to find in my Google Searching. So I figured I'd blog it and hopefully save someone else a few minutes with Google indexes this page.

This is the indicator light identified by the "heartbeat" symbol.

Table 1-3. Hard-Drive Indicator Patterns for RAID

VMware and Local Proxy

I had a very strange issue where my VMware Workstation would not open any VM I had or after I used the wizard to create one, it would just hang. I would click "open", browse, select and ... nothing. No errors in the event viewer or in the local file directories.

How To - LSI SAS Controller for XP VM

I needed to build several virtual XP systems to test with the LSI SAS controller option in vmware. Below is a summary of how I was able to create an XP install media with the drivers as part of the media so I wouldn't have to remember to push F6 when the install process starts. Windows will not see a harddrive to install into without loading additional drivers.

How To - PHP Array Difference

Working on a project I had the need to look through a list of values, or in this case "id" numbers to find missing numbers in the sequence. The goal was to re-use an id that was not in use or simply increment to the next one. Here is a simple example of the code I ended up using.

How To - SMTP Relay from Subnet

In a testing lab environment, we have a LAN setup without external connectivity / services. We wanted to create monitoring / alerts that would email users about various conditions. Option 1 was to deploy a system that "straddled" the networks. Option 2 was to use an existing internal host with sendmail and open a port in the firewall.