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Fix - Windows KMS Activation failure

In a lab environment, we run a Microsoft KMS server. We had built out an initial group of clients to meet the 25 minimum for KMS. Time passed and some engineers built out another group of clients, but everytime a client attempted to activate:

HowTo: Find ESX Server UUID aka Host ID

Recently I had a need to find the Host ID / UUID of an ESX server for some maintenance tasks.  However it was not nearly as easy as I thought it would be.  After googling around for a bit, I found a link that said I could use the following URL:

https://<ESX HOST IP>/mob/?moid=ha-host&doPath=hardware.systemInfo

String is not in the form required for a subject?

I was trying to hash a few various scripts together into one powershell script and have it email some output to me when it completed.  I would then schedule the script to do a daily report.  All seemed to work fine until I added the email code part.  My code was like:

Windows 7 64bit USB to Serial Adapter

Serial access is still quite common for networking devices and such.  Unfortunately most new laptops no longer have a serial port.  The work around is to add a USB to serial adapter in the toolbox.  However I had been struggling to find a good USB to Serial Adapter to work with my Windows 7, 64bit installation. 

Fix - WMI Memory Leak

I noticed the EventLog error below on two new Windows 2008 R2 servers recently deployed.  Also I saw the memory utilization was quite high on a server that has not been rolled out yet.  The WMIPRVSE.EXE was using > 350 megs of memory.  

Fix - HP Universal Print Driver "Heavy" Paper

While deploying new print servers in an environment with a very large number of HP LaserJet series printers, we ran into an issue with the HP Universal Print driver.  When clients added the printer from the server and attempted to print a page, the printer would prompt for manual feed of "heavy" or "extra heavy" paper.

Top 3 Causes of Home Connectivity Issues

All of us in tech support world enjoy those panic calls from desperate remote users, "I cannot get online!".  Well here are my top 3 reasons for it and their simple fixes.

HowTo - Turn Off Autoplay

I often find it wise and practical to disable AutoPlay.  To disable AutoPlay on CD/DVD and removable drives, you can simply edit the local policy.  In an AD environment, you can also push this setting via GPO.


HowTo - Auto XP Login

Recently I had to make serveral XP terminals "auto-login" for guest access in common areas.  The default user had limited permissions of course.  With just a few registry keys, it was a piece of cake.  Add/Change the following keys in the "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon" hive... 

HowTo - Create Dummy Event Log Items

I found myself wanting to create dummy entries in the Windows Event Logs to test some monitoring and automated response mechanisms.  Some quick Googling brought the "eventcreate" command to my attention.

Using a simple command like this: