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Network Connectivity Issue - ARP

A recent project involved converting a small public LAN in a colocation facility into a private LAN behind a Cisco ASA firewall.  Two of the main reasons for doing so was to allow us to centrally manage host security as well as "move" IPs via simple NAT changes.

How To - Upgrading XP VM to Win7

Today's project was to create a Windows7 Virtual Machine I can test a few pieces of software with.  I only had a Windows7 32bit Upgrade media available since we licensed the upgrade for existing XP/Vista laptops.  I booted up my WindowsXP base test image and loaded the Windows7 DVD.

How To - Recovering Google Outlook AppSync Profile

Along the lines of moving your GoogleAppsSync Connector Outlook data to another system, I did a similar recovery for a user that got the nasty "unable to open your default folders" error.  Not entirely sure why, but users with large mailboxes seem to bump into this periodically where their Outlook profile just bombs out.

How To - Moving Google AppSync Outlook Mailbox Data

With the release of Google's Outlook AppSync Connector, many users and organizations have used this tool to connect Microsoft Outlook to GoogleApps email.  One of the most painful parts of the AppSync Connector is the initial synchronization process.  Having a large mailbox means this process could take quite a long time.

How To - Uninstall Software Update Manager

Recently I have had several laptops deployed that have experienced severe lag and performance issues as well as application hangs/crashes.  Upon investigation, it seemed to consitantly relate to the following two executables:

Tip - NRPE on Ubuntu

I usually stick with Fedora/RedHat and CentOS flavors of Linux.  Recently though, I needed to monitor a new Ubuntu test server via Nagios NRPE.  The sources I was using to build and install just did not play nice on first pass.  So I figured for the one off, I would try the easy way.

Tip - Convert Nagios.log Timestamp

If you are like me, you have to dig through some log files to research some errors.  The ../var/nagios.log file has alot of data and unfortunately the times stamps are not exactly friendly to read.

[1256314960] EXTERNAL COMMAND: PROCESS_SERVICE_CHECK_RESULT;hostname;servicename;0;Service running OK

Addon - Nagios Passive Checks with NSCA

Using Nagios with NSCA, you can configure some complex scripts / tasks to output status codes and messages to be sent to your Nagios server for collection / reporting.  To start, you will need to install NSCA package on your Nagios server and configure the listening server as outlined in the documenation.

It All Adds Up to Disaster!

I recently was dragged into a corporate disaster situtation that was not my own.  Lets just say it was as a favor to numerous parties.  The whole exercise reminded me ...

Blackberry Messages Flooding Inbox

One user was getting hundreds of messages an hour in her inbox.  The messages all seemed to be BlackBerry system messages.  Usually these are processed and never seen by the user.  See the example message below...