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GoogleApps is not Enterprise-Ready, Part II

Google created the GoogleAppsSync Connector for Outlook to create an Exchange like feel for users who still wanted to use Outlook instead of converting to the GoogleApps interfaces.  The connector installation is fairly straight forward and creates a mail profile for your user.  The last step offers you the option to import existing mail.

DNS Caching and SOA Records

In this fast-paced world of technology, one technology that has not truly caught up is DNS.  People often forget changing a DNS entry may take hours before the results are seen.  Going live with a new website by changing the "www" DNS record could mean 24hrs of visitors split between both sites.

GoogleApps is not Enterprise-Ready, Part I

Recently we went through the migration from a Corporate Hosted Exchange environment to a GoogleApps environment.  On the surface, GoogleApps looks very comparable but in actuality some key functionality and processes used in everyday life are missing and/or inadequate.

Tweak - Nagios SMS Messaging

Want to send SMS messages from Nagios?  SMS messages sometimes blocked when sending them via <phone#>  Sending alot of SMS messages?  Sounds like you need an SMS Gateway Provider.

Reset Motorola KRZR

I had an old Motorola KRZR that I wanted to purge all the data from prior to getting rid of it.  Of course it was not as easy to figure out as I would have hoped.  Eventually I found this solution.

Nagios Custom Object Variables

In large Nagios environments, configuring everything at the host level can be cumbesome.  Nagios has nice grouping / templating features that make deploying checks alot faster as well as easier to manager.  Sometimes you may need to "customize" the check to the specific host.  For example, specify the databasename on the indivudal database server to query.  This is where Nagios "Custom Object Variables" come into play.

Change Window's "register" User/Org

When fixing a corporate or personal laptop, I sometimes like to do little extra tweaks.  Often it is the little, yet visible things that can make a good impression.  A good example is the User / Organization Microsoft Windows remembers from initial installtion and uses going forward. 

Tweak - Nagios Jabber / XMPP Notifications

Image Nagios Openfire Notification

I wanted to add the feature to send nagios alerts via Jabber, aka XMPP protocol, instant messages.  Our office uses the Openfire platform for corporate instant messaging.  Some googling found this:

Windows 2008 DHCP Server in Workgroup

I was recently reminded of an issue we had with our small office LAN.  Periodically, the small server we had serving basic network services like DHCP and DNS would crawl to a halt or crash.  Upon investigation, I discovered it was due to the system running out of memory.  After rebooting, the system seemed to run just fine.

Nagios Object Inheritance

Nagios object inheritance can be a very confusing and/or tricky topic.  First you should read the official documenation on nagios object inheritance here.  Below is a very simple and straightforward example to illustrate a common application of inheritance you may want to use in your environment.