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Slingbox SOLO : Updated

Today I picked up the Slingbox SOLO while at BestBuy. Cost $180. I chose the SOLO for two reasons; I only wanted to use it with my cable box and to upgrade to the 3 device version is $300. I didn't see the need to buy more then I needed; at least not until I had actually scene one fo these in action.

What it is:

Windows 7 - Part 2 : Release Candidate

A While back I wrote a review of the Win7 Beta and said that it was the true replacement to XP. After installing and using the new Release Candidate my mind has not changed. For the record I installed the 64bit version. The installation process was effortless. All the drivers I required were installed removing the need to hunt a missing one down.

Vizio LCD TV


All I wanted was a quiet day watching movies and baseball. That didn't happen. I turn on the TV and nothing. So new tv time. I had no plans on doing so; so I had to spend time on the net researching and deciding. Do I buy a Sony which is basically an over priced Samsung? Do I buy the cheapest one I could find that's on sale? In the end I decided to find a TV that was close to what I had.

Is a quad core cpu WORTH it in a laptop?

I'm looking into buying a new laptop. The large majority only offer dual core cpu's. Some manufacturers offer a quad core option but they are either drastically more expensive or are close to a ghz slower. So I ask the community;  What are your thoughts on this? Is a Core 2 Quad worth the extra money? Is a 2.0 ghz Quad worth more to me then a Dual core 2.93 ghz?

Iphone SDK on PPC

Like a lot of computer programmers out there, I am considering jumping into iPhone application programming arena.  It is a great way to make a few extra dollars. Unfortunately I only have a PPC MAC instead of the Intel based MAC required for the latest developement software and iPhone simulator. 

Review - Halo Wars on X360


The latest incarnation of the HALO franchise is a Real Time Strategy game rather than a First Person Shooter like its three predecessors.  I sat down with the demo release on the XBOX 360. Currently the only platform the game is available on. I foresee a PC release in the future but for now this is what we have to play with.

Netflix: The Instant Experience

    A while back Netflix went from a DVD by mail rental company to a movie provider.  They did this by expanding into the instant streaming market. I have been a Netflix subscriber since 2002. I have watched the company move from DVD’s to their first step into streaming up to today.

Windows 7: A few weeks with one user

Windows 7 is the latest OS release from Microsoft. The Beta is currently available to all in 32 and 64 bit versions. I am currently running the 32-bit version for comparison purposes. For years I have run XP and then Vista.  All three versions have been installed and used on the same system with the same configuration. Currently the Beta is installed on a machine that has an AMD X2 2.0 GHz, 3gb RAM, Nvidia 8800, displaying on an Apple 30 inch Cinema.