Review - Resident Evil 5

I will preface this all by saying I have not played any of the previous Resident Evil games.  Typically I try to avoid the long and involved games with such grand storylines.  Often I go a week plus between gaming sessions so I will get frustrated.  However Resident Evil 5 looked good, offered co-op play, and I had a gift card.

Iphone SDK on PPC

Like a lot of computer programmers out there, I am considering jumping into iPhone application programming arena.  It is a great way to make a few extra dollars. Unfortunately I only have a PPC MAC instead of the Intel based MAC required for the latest developement software and iPhone simulator. 

Distributing Software Updates via Registry Settings & GPOs

In an environment such as a production or development LAN, you sometimes need to distrubute changes to software throughout all the systems.  I found all these settings I wanted to change were stored in the registry.  So, if I can push out registry updates via Group Policy Objects (GPOs), I can update all the servers from a central location at once.  Last step was to restart the services on each server.

Review - New 13" MacBook and 20" iMac

Image - New 13in MacBook

Recently I added some new Macs to corporate environment, a new 13" MacBook and 20" iMac.  While I am a Windows PC guy at heart, I do have an appreciation for good hardware / software and the need to support those who use it.  

Tidbit - Find and Replace Text in Files with Perl

In our Nagios / Webinject environment, we have alot of text configuration files.  Sometimes a simple product update requires me to update LOTS of these files.  A majority of the time, a find and replace is all I need.  Using perl from the command line, I can quickly update a bunch of files saving countless hours of tedious file updates.

Netbooks: A Security Risk?

Netbooks: A Security Risk? - The proliferation of low-end netbook may pose a new threat to the cybersecurity of users. [ Security]

VPS and Authenticated Sendmail

I had a requirement to create a sendmail server that can authenticate a user and send mail from a remote location.  First off, I needed to figure out where to host this solution.  By choosing an inexpensive hosted linux VPS, I can scale my virtual server and have some more flexibility over the configuration.  Also by having a dedicated VPS I will not have to worry about impacting other app and software configurations as I work.

Utility - Linux "screen" command

Screen is a powerful tool for SysAdmins and Developers working at the command prompt of a *nix system.  Think of screen as an "ALT-TAB" in Windows, switching between DOS command prompts.

TidBit - Sync iCal to Exchange via Entourage

I had a user that really did not want to use Entourage.  They prefered to use iCal and Mail.  IMAP'ing to the Exchange server was not a big issue, but the Calendaring and Free/Busy data is left out.  Sure there are 3rd party apps that can be found, but we already had MacOffice installsed. 

Review - Dell E-Port Replicator

Dell E-port Replicator

A little while back we began ordering the Dell Mobile Precision M2400 laptops when Dell discontinued the M2300 model.  While the M2400 has grown on me for its sleek and simple design, I was disappointed it was a complete design overhaul and required new accessories.