Sendmail - Masquerading multiple domains

I have a little VPS that is used as platform for POP'ing and SMTP relaying for internal projects and testing.  Originally it was all setup under a single domain and I had turned on masquerading.  However I needed to add another domain for a different project.

Perl Script - Active Directory Password Expiration

There are alot of reasons to use Active Directory (AD) for your central authentication needs.  On a corporate AD network though, there may be some non-windows users that will not get the friendly password expiration reminders when they login to their systems.  Subsequently these users will get locked out when their password exipres.

CNAME / A with MX Records

Stumbled into an issue again today that has come up a few times for me, so I figured I will right out the reason for this as a friendly reminder.

The Scenario:

Fix - GotoMeeting Could not Connect

Had a very odd issue with GotoMeeting client on a Laptop PC.  The client refused to connect so the user could attend an online meeting.  It was acting like it had no network connection.

RealTek HD Audio and Windows7

I finally got around to rebuilding my primary desktop PC.  In addition to adding the second harddrive and creating a RAID1 configuration, I took the leap to Windows7.  Now my main desktop and my new Aspire Aspire Nettop media PC (review to come) run Windows7 on my home LAN.

Tip - DSADD and DSMOD Commands


Adding a large group of new Active Directory (AD) users and add them to a group.


Using DSADD and DSMOD command line options in a batch script.

Knowing the command syntax and having a Excel Spreadsheet of the User information, I created a bulk list of commands I executed by "batch" script.

Error - NSClient Counter Errors

***** Nagios *****

Notification Type: PROBLEM

Service: CPU Load
Host: BALLYs DBA-1
Address: ballys.hubteam.local

Date/Time: Mon Dec 28 12:53:20 CST 2009
Duration: 0d 0h 2m 1s
Additional Info:
NSClient - ERROR: Could not get data for 5 perhaps we dont collect data this far back?


GoogleApps BES Connector Evaluation

* I believe there has been a revision or two released since our evalutation.

Calendar Attachements in GoogleApps... NOT

One feature overlooked in our GoogleApps testing was the ability to attach documents via the GoogleApps Calendar Web interface.  We have multiple business cases for attaching docuemnts to calendar invites...

error - expat.h: No such file or directory

While trying to get a perl utility working, I had to install a bunch of prerequisite perl modules on my CentOS 5 VPS.  One requirement was XML::Parser.  However when I tried to install it like so:

[root@localhost]perl -MCPAN -e shell
cpan> install XML::Parser

I received errors with the below being the most relevent bit...