Drupal Modules

Below are some links for some of my favorite modules that are NOT related to SEO.  My favorite Drupal SEO modules are here.

FCKeditor - WYSIWG

What is FCKeditor? 

Download here:  http://drupal.org/project/fckeditor

FCKeditor is a WYSIWYG editor for Drupal.  FCKeditor does require you do download the actual editor components from www.fckeditor.net separately and place them on your Drupal server for it all to work correctly.  Once enabled, don't forget to assign the roles that can use the "Default" and "Advanced" otherwise only the 1st user account will be able to use the editting.

The "default" mode enables the very basics of formatting.  For a casual site this is just fine and keeps users from behing overwhelmed.  The "advanced" mode enables significantly more features.  I am still working on testing the functionality within my site, but you may try it out at drupal.fckeditor.com and decide for yourself.

More to come!

lm_payal - Subscription/Donation/Adverts PayPal Module

Download Here:  http://drupal.org/project/lm_paypal


This module provides an interface to PayPal using Instant Payment Notifications (IPN). It currently supports paid memberships (subscriptions), donations (tip jar) and paid adverts (classified ads).


I used this module to help stage a site for someone that required a "paid subscription content" site.  He wants to have content that only his paying customers have access to.  There were several modules, but the lm_paypal seemed to be a more robust / configurable module.  lm_paypal supported auto renewals, different subscription term periods (days, weeks, months), as well as multiple subscriptions.

One thing to note is that you still require a "node access control" mechanism.  lm_paypal provides a mechanism for people who pay to be assigned to a "role".  It is then up to you to use your node access system to give that role (and that role only) access to the paid content.  I chose tac_lite as a simple module to get the job done for my needs. 

The logic I used in creating the paid content was to create a "Subscription01" subscription, a "Subscribers01" role, and a "Subscriptions" taxonomy with a "SubscriptionContent01" taxonomy term.  Using tac_lite you can grant access to the SubscriptionContent01 tagged content to the Subscribers01 role.

lm_paypal also supports paid advertisements and donations, but note this is NOT an ecommerce module.  There are much better modules to meet that need.

This demo site is still a work in progress and I will be sure to update this page with any other tips/tricks I run across.


tac_lilte - Taxonomy Access Control Lite

Download here: http://drupal.org/project/tac_lite


This module restricts access so that some users may view content that is hidden from others. A simple scheme based on taxonomy, roles and users controls which content is hidden.


Simple and effective.  The module provides a good method to restricting access to content classified by taxonomy.  Using the "Access Control by Taxonomy" admin menu you can create a scheme and then the Taxonomy Vocabulary to use to control access.  Then in the scheme you can define view/update/delete permissions to nodes and select the roles they are applicable to.  You can also edit a user to grant that scheme's access properties to only a specific user.