Cisco ASA Hanging at ROMMON at Boot

After factory defaulting an ASA 5510, we noticed it didn't boot to a default configuration. It booted up to the ROMMON prompt. As soon as you'd type "boot" or "boot device:/filename" it would happily boot for you. Adding a "boot device:/filename" to the config didn't make a difference.

How To - PHP Array Difference

Working on a project I had the need to look through a list of values, or in this case "id" numbers to find missing numbers in the sequence. The goal was to re-use an id that was not in use or simply increment to the next one. Here is a simple example of the code I ended up using.

Perl Telnet Script

I wanted to find a way to backup cisco device configurations and retrieve other bits of info in an automated fashion via telnet.  Unfortunately there is no good way with windows batch files without using a 3rd party utility.  If I was going to go 3rd party, I was going to install perl so I can write a script that could be used in windows and/or linux.

Device Default Passwords

Often times you will inherit some old equipment or were required to factory default / reset some piece of equipment and find yourself unable to access it.  Of course you can take the usual guess for default admin access or try to look up the information online.  However below is a nice handy URL with a list of typical manufacturer/device and their factory default admin credential

Military Alphabet

It makes a good reference card to print out for the desk/cube wall.  Help reduce mistakes when communicating over the phone in a loud datacenter environment.  Also makes you sound more technical.