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Microsoft Exchange Server Version/Build Nubmers

This handy table has the version numbers for Exchange's different versions, service packs, and update rollups. Very handy.

SQL Server Version Numbering

I wanted to create a little reference table for SQL server versioning to at least tell me which service pack I was running. So here it is...

Windows7 drops PPTP Connections

I was trying to create a simple PPTP remote connection solution for a project. I was using PPTP because it's simple, supported by Windows, OSX, and Linux very easily and being an "internal" use, security was not a concern. I thought this was simple, but to my surprise the Windows system in testing would consistently disconnect when trying to transfer a large file.

Microsoft SQL Server Verion Info

Recently had to look into SQL version numbers. Here's a quick table.

Changing Windows RDP port

Sometimes it's nice to change the default listening port of the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) service. Running standard services on non-standard is a simple way to avoid scripted attacks against your systems. Turns out changing the RDP port is as simple as a registry setting and a reboot.

Look here:

Microsoft Office Version Numbers (XP, 2003, 2007, 2010)

Recently had to verify version numbers of Microsoft Office on numerous systems. Of course I hope to automate the process, but the starting point is to find out what all the various version numbers are. I compiled this table from the various KB articles into a single page for reference.

Fix - WMI Error EventID 10

On two new 2008R2 Servers I noticed an error similar to:

Log Name: Application
Source: Microsoft-Windows-WMI
Date: 1/18/2008 2:37:27 PM
Event ID: 10
Task Category: None
Level: Error
Keywords: Classic

Fix - EventID 4007 DNS Server Error

The DNS Server Event Log was throwing the Event ID: 4007 error for "" and "". When I investigated it seemed to be throwing it for an old AD integrated domain that was no longer in use. I was not the original creator of the environment, but was just trying to create some good clean living.

VMware and Local Proxy

I had a very strange issue where my VMware Workstation would not open any VM I had or after I used the wizard to create one, it would just hang. I would click "open", browse, select and ... nothing. No errors in the event viewer or in the local file directories.

How To - LSI SAS Controller for XP VM

I needed to build several virtual XP systems to test with the LSI SAS controller option in vmware. Below is a summary of how I was able to create an XP install media with the drivers as part of the media so I wouldn't have to remember to push F6 when the install process starts. Windows will not see a harddrive to install into without loading additional drivers.