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XP Install Blank Black Screen

Recently I had to rebuild several desktops for redeployment for some summer interns.  I grabbed the manufacturer OS install CD and booted up, hit any key to boot from the CD, started initializing and ... Black Screen.  

How To Replicate Public Folders Recursively in Exchange 2007 / 2010

Thanks to Clint Boessen's Blog article, I saved quite a bit of time in configuring Public Folders to replicate from the Exchange 2003 environment to the Exchange 2010 Public Folder Databases.  Microsoft has a handy powershell script just for this purpose.  You can replicate an entir

Exchange2010 Installtion Issues

I have had a very busy time consulting of late and have not been able to update much on the blog.  However I did want to document this one issue that drove me BERSERK for so long.

Windows 7 - Part 2 : Release Candidate

A While back I wrote a review of the Win7 Beta and said that it was the true replacement to XP. After installing and using the new Release Candidate my mind has not changed. For the record I installed the 64bit version. The installation process was effortless. All the drivers I required were installed removing the need to hunt a missing one down.

Find Unknown Hardware Device Drivers

Building, or rebuilding a PC with only the Windows Operating System CD on hand can be a headache.  Typically you will end up with a whole list of "unknown devices".  As this is a cruel world, one of them will be your Network Adapter so you cannot even get online to download the drivers.

Distributing Software Updates via Registry Settings & GPOs

In an environment such as a production or development LAN, you sometimes need to distrubute changes to software throughout all the systems.  I found all these settings I wanted to change were stored in the registry.  So, if I can push out registry updates via Group Policy Objects (GPOs), I can update all the servers from a central location at once.  Last step was to restart the services on each server.

Script - Restart Service on ALL Hosts

After pushing some registry tweaks via GPO, it turned out I needed to restart the service on every host.  Rebooting and/or logging into each host was not a convenient option.  I figured there must be a way to do it.  This is the solution I came up...