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OSX VPN Client DES Support

Simple answer: NO


ESXi Custom Welcome Screen Text

Recently I was asked about customizing the standard ESXi splash screen with a security message. While it is easy in ESX using a standard Linux approach, not as obvious for ESXi. However a quick google search found a nice little blog post on customizing the "welcome" file in /etc/vmware on the ESXi host.

How To - Trunking VLANs, ESXi / Nexus 1000v through PowerConnect

I recently started evaluating the Cisco Nexus 1000v virtual switch in a VMware test environment. Once we jumped through the various hurdles (possibly future blogs entries) and had the VSM and VEM components installed, I was having issues getting the VEMs on the other ESX hosts communicating with the VSM on my first host.

Fix - Internal CA Certificate issues on Server 2003

In one environment, I noticed various security certificate symptoms that caused problems on a particular Windows 2003 Server x64 Workstation.

  • Outlook 2007 gave certificate errors on launch (autodiscover)
  • Internet Explorer 8 could not browse internal HTTPS site
  • Digitally signed email from others complained about invalid signatures

HowTo - Turn Off Autoplay

I often find it wise and practical to disable AutoPlay.  To disable AutoPlay on CD/DVD and removable drives, you can simply edit the local policy.  In an AD environment, you can also push this setting via GPO.