ASA prevent TLS SMTP connections

We deployed new Cisco ASA firewalls to upgrade/replace some very old firewalls.  Everything went pretty well with a few exceptions.  The biggest issue was that the Exchange server was unable to send outbound emails.  A STARTTLS error was shown in the logs.  Turns out it was the inspection map blocking the connections.

CiscoASA# config t
CiscoASA(config)# policy-map global_policy
CiscoASA(config-pmap)# class inspection_default
CiscoASA(config-pmap-c)# no inspect esmtp
CiscoASA(config-pmap-c)# exit
CiscoASA(config-pmap)# exit
CiscoASA(config)# exit
CiscoASA# wr me

End of story. Simple, quick, silly little thing