Calendar Attachements in GoogleApps... NOT

One feature overlooked in our GoogleApps testing was the ability to attach documents via the GoogleApps Calendar Web interface.  We have multiple business cases for attaching docuemnts to calendar invites...

  1. Sales people attaching whitepapers, slide decks, PDFs and media files for prospects information in a meeting request.
  2. Consultants attaching screen shots, instructions, media files, etc for use in calls they are scheduling.
  3. Recruiters attaching resumes and various candidate info to  hiring managers for scheduled phone screens and job interviews.

While most indviduals use the Outlook Sync Connector for GoogleApps and Outlook will let you attach any file just fine, several Users prefer the Web only Google Calendar interface.  The only available option in the GoogleApps Calendar interface is to attach a Google Document.  Users can upload most MSOffice documents to GoogleDocs and then attach it, but for corporate security we do not allow the sharing of GoogleDocs outside the GoogleApps domain.

Depending on the User's standard operating process, the inability to attach documents in this fashion can be a rather significant inconvenience.  To work around the issue, Users send the meeting invite and then have to followup with an additional email with all the attachments.