Fix - GotoMeeting Could not Connect

Had a very odd issue with GotoMeeting client on a Laptop PC.  The client refused to connect so the user could attend an online meeting.  It was acting like it had no network connection.

However, the system clearly had a working network connection.  Browsers pulled up webpages, email clients worked, and I could ping/nslookup various sites.  Later I noticed the system complaining about the AV being out of date, but the definitions listed were the most recent ones.

I looked for signs of a virus and/or spyware and found none.  Then I noticed the clock was slightly off so I thought maybe a CMOS battery.  Voila... the clock was set nearly one year ahead.  Once I adjusted the date to the correct time, some of the odd systems behaviours went away and GotoMeeting connected without issue.