Fix - HP Universal Print Driver "Heavy" Paper

While deploying new print servers in an environment with a very large number of HP LaserJet series printers, we ran into an issue with the HP Universal Print driver.  When clients added the printer from the server and attempted to print a page, the printer would prompt for manual feed of "heavy" or "extra heavy" paper.

If you opened up the user's printer preferences by right-clicking the printer icon in the printer control panel, you could see from the default print profile that the paper type was "extra heavy".  However simply clicking another print profile and clicking back would "reset" it to Unspecified.  Of course in this environment with so many users and printers, this is not an option.

The behaviour existed for nearly all the LaserJet pritners on the server using the UPD.  I tried removing and re-adding printers as well as reloading the UPD driver.  HP support was not very helpful at all and suggested uninstalling everything.  After googling for some info, I found mention of how someone saw this behavior when the UPD had somehow got corrupted.

Eventually my fix was to remove all the printers so I could delete the print drivers.  Then I manually removed any straggling registry keys for the printers and files for the HP UPD.  I did a clean reboot.  Verified everyone was gone, installed the latest UPD and rebooted.  Then re-added each printer again.  Although tedious in this environment, it did resolve the issue.