Gadget - USB Laptop KVM Switch with File Transfer


Ever wish you could control that second PC under your desk without a second keyboard, monitor & mouse?  Or have a bulky/ugly KVM with big bundle of cables?  Or are testing something a bit crazy and do not want to jump from PC to PC?

Well here is a promising gadget for you.  IOGear's USB KVM Switch with File Transfer (Model #GCS661U).  The KVM's includes a toolbar with useful features such as file transfer and desktop scaling.  Use the IOGear KVM to backup your laptop's critical documents to the home desktop.  An extra USB port on the KVM allows for a connection of an external data storage device.  The small size allows you to slip it into your laptop back to take with you.

I think I need to get my hands on the IOGear USB KVM Switch with File Transfer (Model #GCS661U).  Would be very useful when working on the backside of a large cabinet in a datacenter.  No need to wheel one of the bulky KVM carts over.  Very promising looking gadget for work and home.

Any vendors what a free Ad on this page?