GoogleApps Annoyances for Users and Admins

GoogleApps has gained alot of traction as a corporate email and collaboration platform.  Google has alot of benefits and many younger employees are familiar with the Google tools.  However as a veteran business user, especially a user of Outlook/Exchange, you may be frustrated.

Here is a list of all the various things that have really annoyed me as not only a user, but the administrator of our corporate GoogleApps account.

  • Adding users to lists will autocomplete addresses from my GoogleContacts as well as our GoogleApps users.  External user addresses have mistakenly been added to internal lists.(20100104)
  • With the Outlook Sync Connector, an email with multiple labels appears as duplicate mail in several folders.  Several copies of an email in different folders get multiple labels.  Deleting ONE from Outlook deletes them ALL. (20091215)
  • When you have a List with many users, you have to click NEXT numerous times to get to the end to remove someone. (20091109)
  • If you need to remove someone from numerous lists, you have to do it one list at a time vs. say a checkbox on the user screen. (20091109)
  • Adding a list of users to a Distribution List where one of the addresses was already present will not add the rest of the users.  You must click add again.  (20091027)
  • The GoogleAppsSync Outlook Connector does not support Tasks and Notes.
  • Nested Outlook Folders create very long GoogleApps "label" equivalents. 
  • If you have nested folders during import and the "parent" folder is empty, it does not create the label and Outlook users cannot drag mail into the parent folder after.
  • Mobile Mail integration / functionality on the BlackBerry is just horrible as I have yet found a way to view folders / file messages using the integrated BlackBerry mail client.
  • The Gmail App on the BlackBerry does not support accepting calendar invites.
  • The GSync app often will conflict / break the sync'ing with the BlackBerry and GoogleApps if there are other BlackBerry apps that interface with the Calendar (eg, FaceBook).
  • Adding additional accounts to the Premier GoogleApps account takes 2-4 business days on average.
  • Unacceptable to have to wait nearly an entire week to add a user account or pay extra account fees in advance just to have spare accounts available for use.
  • There is not Global Address List (GAL).  The work arounds are hacks and an adminstrative overhead.
  • There are "shared contacts", but you have to use a 3rd party tool or use a script to jam them into GoogleApps.
  • It takes an overnight for new accounts and "shared contacts" to appear in the auto-complete for email addresses.