How To - LSI SAS Controller for XP VM

I needed to build several virtual XP systems to test with the LSI SAS controller option in vmware. Below is a summary of how I was able to create an XP install media with the drivers as part of the media so I wouldn't have to remember to push F6 when the install process starts. Windows will not see a harddrive to install into without loading additional drivers.

You will receive this message about the LSI Logic SAS controller when trying to select the controller when building an XP VM. It does provide a useful link. I downloaded the drivers from LSISAS1068 driver page.

Then using nLite I extracted all the driver files to a folder. Then I created a new ISO incorporating the LSI drivers from my original XP install media. I chose "textmode" when adding the drivers.

When attempting to boot the VM, you will receive this pop-up message about the compatibility of the LSI Logic SAS SCSI adapter and Windows XP. The install should launch.

BootWarn.PNG28.34 KB
Select_Controller.PNG21.73 KB