How To - Recovering Google Outlook AppSync Profile

Along the lines of moving your GoogleAppsSync Connector Outlook data to another system, I did a similar recovery for a user that got the nasty "unable to open your default folders" error.  Not entirely sure why, but users with large mailboxes seem to bump into this periodically where their Outlook profile just bombs out.

GoogleAppSync Outlook Error Message

Of course it is easy enough to create a new profile, but you have the headache of downloading / syncing all your data from GoogleApps again.  If you have several GB of data, this can literally take days and it results in a sluggish Outlook during this period.

To get my VIP user back on track, I decided to take a chance along a similar vein of my last blog post on moving the GoogleAppSync profile data to a new machine

All data files will be found here:

C:\Documents and Settings\username\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Google Apps Sync

  1. Create a new GoogleAppSync User profile for Outlook and launch Outlook
  2. Watch the initial Sync process start and very you have a new set of GoogleApps Outlook data files
  3. Create a copy of the old Outlook GoogleApps profile data files. 
  4. Rename the -new- GMS* data files with a prefix like "new".  There should be three files...
  5. Rename the COPY of the old GMS* files to be the same as the filenames of the newer profiles.
  6. Re-launch Outlook.  

Hopefully, Outlook will open up and have all the current profile data and just need to sync down anything since your profile went haywire.  Time to get back on track is an hour vs. 24hrs of sync time.


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