How To - Trunking VLANs, ESXi / Nexus 1000v through PowerConnect

I recently started evaluating the Cisco Nexus 1000v virtual switch in a VMware test environment. Once we jumped through the various hurdles (possibly future blogs entries) and had the VSM and VEM components installed, I was having issues getting the VEMs on the other ESX hosts communicating with the VSM on my first host.

I was trunking one physical port on each ESX host with a DELL PowerConnect switch for the Nexus communication. However I just could not get the other hosts modules to register. I figured it had to be with the configuration of the trunk ports on the switch.

Through Google and trial and error, I got it working with the following port configuration for each ESX port on the switch:

interface ethernet 1/g24
switchport mode general
switchport general allowed vlan add 100,102 tagged

The keys seemed to be using the mode "general" instead of trunk. Also adding "tagged" to the end of the configuration line (even though the default should be 'tagged' if unspecified) seemed to make a difference. VLAN 100 and 102 were my control and packet VLANs for the Nexus 1000v.