How To - Upgrading XP VM to Win7

Today's project was to create a Windows7 Virtual Machine I can test a few pieces of software with.  I only had a Windows7 32bit Upgrade media available since we licensed the upgrade for existing XP/Vista laptops.  I booted up my WindowsXP base test image and loaded the Windows7 DVD.

The XP upgrade is not really an upgrade, but a fresh install where it crams all your old data into a folder called "windows.old".  This was fine for this particular test run.  The installation took a little time, but was relatively simple.

Upon initial login to my new Windows7 Virtual Machine the one problem I had was no network connection.  Apparently Windows7 did not like that default virtual network adapter.  After a little Googling, I found the solution in the VMware forums.  Hardcoding the virtual network device in the "vmx" file was the recommended solution.

Make sure you shutdown your virtual machine.  Open the corresponding "vmx" file for you virtual machine with your favorite text editor.  I added the line:

Ethernet0.virtualDev = "e1000"

I powered up the virtual server and voila... Network Connection!