Iphone SDK on PPC

Like a lot of computer programmers out there, I am considering jumping into iPhone application programming arena.  It is a great way to make a few extra dollars. Unfortunately I only have a PPC MAC instead of the Intel based MAC required for the latest developement software and iPhone simulator. 

A friend sent me a work around for this issue:  http://apokalypsesoftware.com/blog/2009/03/23/130/

After reading and following the steps, the iPhone SDK 2.2.1 will work on a PPC MAC allowing you to begin your development.  The article provides two ways to make the changes. Follow the steps, which I recommend, or paying the $5 for a script that would do it for you.  However any "developer" should be savvy enough to make the changes themselves.  Enjoy and I hope this helps anyone else out there wanting to develop with older technology.

UPDATE ( First Programs ):

After installing the SDK as discussed above I tested it by attempting the first two simple programs in "Beginning iPhone Development" by Apress. While these are simple programs such as "Hello World" and working with two buttons it was a simple test of the XCode and iPhone Simulator. Currently the programs have worked and there have been no adverse effects to using the SDK on PPC hardware. While the programs probably run a little slower then they would on a dual cpu intel it was not unexpected. More to come as I continue to learn.