Outage History - Updated

We're not trying to hide anything, so here is a list of known outages / isuses that we have experienced so far. 

  • 20091207 @ 12pm EST - VPS provider was down due to networking issues in the Colocation.  Downtime was ~4hrs.
  • 20090916 @ 5pm EST - VPS provider was doing some sort of network/security maintenance and I received no prior notice.  Downtime was ~14+hrs.
  • 20090726 @ 10pm EST - VPS crashed it seems... Not entirely sure the root cause, but the system ate all the resources and BAM.  Downtime was ~12hrs.
  • 20090428 - Provider having some serious issues.  Very disappointed.  Searching for the best deal for a new host.
  • 20090412 @ 6pm EST - VPS web server and mail server crashed again.  Second such failure warranting further investigation
  • 20090327 @ 2000 EST - VPS web server and mail server crashed. May be time to upgrade the server?
  • 20090304 @ 1100 EST - Our provider hosting our DNS server apparently cut us off for non-payment for an invoice what was not even due yet.  WTF?
  • 20090224 @ 1200 EST - Our provider had some host / ISP issues of some sort causing server instability.  This was the first issue with this host.  Future incidents may warrant a vendor change.
  • 20090225 @ 2200 EST - Sometime this afternoon our NameServer crashed.  Yes, we run our own DNS.  We do it all ourselves on purpose and learn from it.  The cause has been found and corrective measures taken.
  • 20090226 @ 2000 EST - A bizarre combination of issues.  Not even 100% what happened between connectivity and stability of my DNS and Web VPS providers.