Perl Script - Active Directory Password Expiration

There are alot of reasons to use Active Directory (AD) for your central authentication needs.  On a corporate AD network though, there may be some non-windows users that will not get the friendly password expiration reminders when they login to their systems.  Subsequently these users will get locked out when their password exipres.

Obviously this is a pain for IT Support and can prevent users from accessing all those AD integrated services (VPN, web-portals, etc).  I found this nice little perl script that will query AD and can email the users who have passwords that are about to expire.  Those users then can RDP into a dummy little system I built to easily reset their password.

I tweaked the script a little to fit our specific needs.  Besides the actual password checks, it can easily be tweaked to do alot more.  I will attach my default script and configuration file so others can have some fun.

Perl_AD_PasswdExpire.txt9.6 KB
Perl_AD_PasswdExpire_ini.txt1.56 KB