Puppet on Ubuntu Configuration Notes Part 2

Some additional notes after working more with Puppet to try to accomplish the desired results. Specifically I wanted to trigger updates right away in select scenarios vs. waiting until the next puppetd update interval. This can be accomplished with the "puppetrun" command. You need to make a few configuration updates to enable this.

In the /etc/puppet/puppet.conf file you need to add the line "listen=true" in the main section. Also you need to create a file "/etc/puppet/namespaceauth.conf" and add a "[puppetrun]" section with the line "allow server.domain.com" where the servername is the FQDN of the name in the puppet master's certificate. I encountered this error:

Host client04 failed: Certificates were not trusted: hostname was not match with the server certificate

client04 finished with exit code 2

Using "puppetd --genconfig" I was able to determine the host names associated with the certificates and these must match for everything to play nice.