Review - Dell E-Port Replicator

Dell E-port Replicator

A little while back we began ordering the Dell Mobile Precision M2400 laptops when Dell discontinued the M2300 model.  While the M2400 has grown on me for its sleek and simple design, I was disappointed it was a complete design overhaul and required new accessories.

One of the accessories we needed was the new Dell E-Port replicator, Dell Part# : 430-3113.  The very first thing you will notice from the original D-port replicators is the size.  The new E-port is only about 8 inches wide.  Aside from that here is what is gain/lost compared to the D-port series.


  • PS2 ports for keyboard and mouse
  • S-Video Output
  • SPDIF connector


  • Audio-in / Microphone jack
  • eSATA connector
  • new 20pin display port

The Dell E-Port series port replicator also includes a 130 watt AC Adapter.  Dell's new style port replicator is a definite improvement.  Just make sure you do not need those PS2 ports. 

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