Review - New 13" MacBook and 20" iMac

Image - New 13in MacBook

Recently I added some new Macs to corporate environment, a new 13" MacBook and 20" iMac.  While I am a Windows PC guy at heart, I do have an appreciation for good hardware / software and the need to support those who use it.  

13" MacBook

I have used the previous 13" Apple MacBook and we have serveral newer MacBook Pros and a MacBook Air floating about the office.  No need to review the OS as you either are familiar with it or not.  The new 13" MacBook it is a very sleek and clean design. 

The new 13" MacBook has a nice brushed aluminum finish and definitely is a looker compared to the "plastic" previous generation.  The rigidity of the laptop is nice, but it does come at the price of a little extra weight.  Having all the connections on the left edge is convenient. 

My one dislike is the new touchpad that has no "button".  The touchpad itself is 'hinged' at the top and you click by pressing down on the lower regions of the touchpad.  Definitely is taking me some getting used to.  Overall this is my favorite MacBook to date because it is the right size and has a clean/stylish design without being obnoxious.

20" iMac

Along with the new MacBook, we have a new 20" iMac to be shared for support issues where the end user may have a Mac.  The chassis/display is a clean design.  The only cables required (assuming you are using WiFi) are the power cable and keyboard USB cable.  They keyboard is small and sleek to occupy minimal desk space.

I only have a few minor dislikes regarding the 20" iMac design.  All the ports are on the back side of the chassis.  It would be convenient to have a USB port or two on the side near the optical drive.  Which leads me to the second point being when trying to reach behind the iMac the base is a little unstable and you may knock it over. 

Oh, and the keyboard, why did they take away the number pad?  Are they trying to set a new standard?  That is a rather large annoyance for me, but keyboards are easily replaced as the "feel" of the new mac keyboards is not my favorite.


While it may not seem like it, this latest generation of Mac hardware is my favorite to date.  I believe the 13" Apple MacBook is the right form factor for a travelling Apple fan.  The 20" Apple iMac is a great desktop when you have limited space.   If you can stomach the extra $500 for the logo & OS, these may be the Apples for you!