Review - Resident Evil 5

I will preface this all by saying I have not played any of the previous Resident Evil games.  Typically I try to avoid the long and involved games with such grand storylines.  Often I go a week plus between gaming sessions so I will get frustrated.  However Resident Evil 5 looked good, offered co-op play, and I had a gift card.

Co-op play is a very important factor to me in choosing games.  I am a huge fan of the Gears of War and Rainbow 6 Vegas series for this reason.  Immediately, I fired up a local split-screen co-op session with my friend.  Graphics are very impressive and you are thrown right into the storyline with just enough background info. 

The first encounter with an onslaught of scary, angry locals is a bit crazy.  Actually took us several tries to survive it.  I went back and started a single player game later and discovered your AI controlled partner can actually be more useful than an intelligent player as I was led through the mob to safety.   I am still a little worried about things I may miss through the game playing co-op vs. single player.

Playing co-op for me is the most enjoyable way to play any game and Resident Evil 5 does not dissappoint.  You have some character / story development between ridiculous fight sequences.  The limited resources of weapons and ammo make you play smarter.  However it can be frustating when you can purchase new weapons, but not the ammo itself. 

Resident Evil 5 will definitely stay in my collection and I am looking forward to trying some of the older games (thanks to GameFly).  I have no idea how far into the game we are, but I look forward to some more quality co-op game time to see where the story goes. 

Stay tuned for more updates on single player vs. co-op game play.