Tip - NRPE on Ubuntu

I usually stick with Fedora/RedHat and CentOS flavors of Linux.  Recently though, I needed to monitor a new Ubuntu test server via Nagios NRPE.  The sources I was using to build and install just did not play nice on first pass.  So I figured for the one off, I would try the easy way.

apt-get install nagios-nrpe-server

Of course it did not install things into the paths I am used to.  So my C&P config file did not work and I had to find where things got dropped.

NRPE Config file: /etc/nagios/nrpe.cfg

Nagios Plugins:  /usr/lib/nagios/plugins/

Init Script:  /etc/init.d/nagios-nrpe-server

Remind me why people like Ubuntu over other flavors for a server OS again?

Oh, and you'll probably also need:

apt-get install libssl-dev