Top 3 Causes of Home Connectivity Issues

All of us in tech support world enjoy those panic calls from desperate remote users, "I cannot get online!".  Well here are my top 3 reasons for it and their simple fixes.


1) Laptop Wifi Switch Turned Off

Whether bumped accidently or the user forgot they turned it off earlier, a simple flick of a switch gets them up and running.

2) Laptop Power Management

Windows love to turn off your network adapters to save power when running on battery.  Of course you may bang your head as an IT person on this one because it all looks like it should be working, but doesn't.  So just REBOOT and make sure.

3) ISP Modem / Home Router Out of Sync

It happens periodically with a power blip or if you are like me and have suspect home wiring / signal loss.  Or sometimes the router doesn't renew DHCP correctly.  Usually a power off of all equipment, turn modem on, wait 2min, and turn router on will get this sorted quickly.

Those are my top 3 things I always go for when trouble shooting an issue with a remote home user.  I would wager more than 50% of the issues I get calls about fall into the above.