Utility - Linux "screen" command

Screen is a powerful tool for SysAdmins and Developers working at the command prompt of a *nix system.  Think of screen as an "ALT-TAB" in Windows, switching between DOS command prompts.

To launch screen, type "screen" at the command line.  Use CTRL-A, C to create a new window/tab in screen.  You can do this several times to create several screen windows. 

To navigate between them use CTRL-A, N and CTRL-A, P to cycle through 'next' and 'previous' windows respectively.  Alternatively use CTRL-A, [0-9] to jump to a specific screen.  Listing available windows can be done with CTRL-A, " (the double quotes) and you can select the window you want with the arrow keys.

Another useful feature of screen is the ability to detach and return later.  CTRL-A, D will detach your session.  Now you can log out, go home, and remote in and use the command "screen -r" to re-attach to the detached session and pick up where you left off.

When you are done with the screen window, type "exit" to close it and you should drop into another window or your original shell session.  Also CTRL-A, ? will give you a little help and list other available commands.

Screen is probably one of the most useful yet least used tools in the arsenal of the Sysadmin.  There are many more powerful features that I have not even mentioned.  How many times in the datacenter at the console do you think "if only I had another window"?  Well, now you know you can.