Vizio LCD TV


All I wanted was a quiet day watching movies and baseball. That didn't happen. I turn on the TV and nothing. So new tv time. I had no plans on doing so; so I had to spend time on the net researching and deciding. Do I buy a Sony which is basically an over priced Samsung? Do I buy the cheapest one I could find that's on sale? In the end I decided to find a TV that was close to what I had. 37 inch LCD 1080. Once you look into a 37 your choices are more limited then most other sizes. After looking at all my options I decided on Vizio. Reasonable price, made in the USA, and it met all my criteria and added more. Vizio had a few to choose from at 37 inches. I chose the Vizio VO37LF ( ) because it gave me all I was looking for and through in PIP. So I look around and find the best price at BJ's Wholesale ( ) and it was quite easy to grab it at the store rather then having it shipped. 

I go to the store, get the tv, and bring it home. Opened it up; they provided the remote, a power cord, and a single hdmi cable. It was simple and straight forward to set up. I connected 3 devices to the hdmi, 1 to the components, 1 to the a/v ports, and a laptop to the RGB port. Once all the devices were connected I tested each one. Only one had an issue. I connected my Xbox 360 to the first hdmi port using the cable that came with the Xbox 360 and it didn't work. I switched the cable for the one that came with the tv and no more problems. All the devices worked and the video is what you would expect for 1080. I decided next to test the PIP. What a pain. I'd hit the PIP button and it would say check parental settings. I would go into the parental setting. Make sure everything was open and none of the channels were blocked. Still did not work. After playing with it for 10 minutes I decided to make my life easy and called tech support. The gentleman that answered did so in under a minute I explained the problem and he said they hear that more then you would expect. To use the PIP you actually have to TURN OFF parental controls. On top of that there is no on or off. It is labeled as "Rating Enable". You turn this off and it all works. The TV offers PIP and POP allowing you watch two things at once , keep tabs on the game while playing Xbox, or wahtever else you can think of. I have watched baseball in HD, a few movies in Bluray and HD-DVD, and played a couple games through the Xbox and they all look great. For the price and abilities provided I'd highly recommend Vizio for your next TV.