Windows 7 64bit USB to Serial Adapter

Serial access is still quite common for networking devices and such.  Unfortunately most new laptops no longer have a serial port.  The work around is to add a USB to serial adapter in the toolbox.  However I had been struggling to find a good USB to Serial Adapter to work with my Windows 7, 64bit installation. 

I had one that worked fine on my 32bit XP Netbook, but would cause crashes on my work laptop.  Others did not have drivers that would work reliably.  Even googling led to confusion and alot of people complaining about this very topic.  Most adapter "specs" did not specifically state Windows7 64bit support and I did not want to be buying and returning multiple adapters.

Eventually I tried the Microsoft Windows7 compatibility site and who would have thought MS had the answer the whole time.  The Belkin USB to Serial Adapter Part# F5U257 was a winner.  It arrived, I plugged it in, and WIndows automagically connected and downloaded the appropriate driver.  I connected a Cisco console cable to an ASA I had on my desk and launched Putty.  It worked flawlessly. 

One note, pay attention to the COM port the adapter uses so you can properly configure your serial connection in Putty.