Windows 7: A few weeks with one user

Windows 7 is the latest OS release from Microsoft. The Beta is currently available to all in 32 and 64 bit versions. I am currently running the 32-bit version for comparison purposes. For years I have run XP and then Vista.  All three versions have been installed and used on the same system with the same configuration. Currently the Beta is installed on a machine that has an AMD X2 2.0 GHz, 3gb RAM, Nvidia 8800, displaying on an Apple 30 inch Cinema.

Downloading the beta:
Microsoft has made downloading the beta almost effortless. Point your browser to and follow the directions. You can chose between the 32 or 64 bit versions or download both separately. The download took less then a half-hour for both combined.  They even provide you with a product key, which should allow you to use this OS for well beyond the 30 days you normally receive.

Anyone who has installed Vista will recognize the installation process; seeing as it’s identical.  Basically: Burn DVD, boot DVD, choose hard drive, and let the computer install. On this computer all hardware was installed with the proper drivers. After install I had the computer run Windows update. There are a few updates and they will require a reboot but I feel it’s best to start off with the latest versions especially with a new system.

First takes:
After a few weeks of use I have come to enjoy using it. Win7 has all the security of Vista but the system in and of itself seems smoother. The pictures and themes are easy to use. The interface responds without a hesitation. This beta seems to be closer to a release candidate then expected.  When I used Vista I had to find drivers, it was choppy during initial use, and it felt as if it needed more refinement. With Win7 the seem to have done the trick. When asked by friends and family whether they should upgrade to Vista from XP I told them if they were happy they should stay with XP.

In my opinion:
Like Windows XP before it; Windows 7 will take the place of an operating system that should never have been released in its current form. For a short time in the past there was a Windows OS most have forgotten about, ME. It was supposed to be the upgrade to Windows 98, an operating system widely used, supported, and well liked. IT was a disaster. The OS never fully caught on outside of the OEM arena and was quickly forgotten with the release of Windows XP. Now once again Microsoft release an operating system, Windows 7, to replace a predecessor that is much maligned. Hopefully Windows 7 will do to Vista what XP did to ME; leave it in the Recycle Bin of history. The current beta shows the promise to do exactly that.

Conclusion…. Not so Much
As you can tell from above I am a Fan of what I’m seeing right now. I will continue to add more thoughts and details as I test each feature. I will add more details of how to use and how to turn off features as time goes on……