Windows 7 - Part 2 : Release Candidate

A While back I wrote a review of the Win7 Beta and said that it was the true replacement to XP. After installing and using the new Release Candidate my mind has not changed. For the record I installed the 64bit version. The installation process was effortless. All the drivers I required were installed removing the need to hunt a missing one down. When I decided to install the new system I decided to try to upgrade a Vista machine. This was not allowed with the beta. One hting you will notice is that if you are running Vista 32 bit and you are trying to upgrade to Win7 64 bit; the computer will not allow it. If this is your desire you will have to do a complete reinstall. Since I decided to test both a Fresh install and an upgrade I used two different machines.

Machine #1: CPU: Q6600 3 GB RAM  --- FRESH INSTALL

I put the DVD in. Booted the DVD. Chose the hard drive to install on. Installation completed. Computer started. All components had drivers installed. Machine worked immediately. Responsive. Installed basic programs like Adobe Acrobat, MS Office, Norton 360, and Firefox. All programs instaleld with no issues. All programs worked fine once I turned off the Samrt Firewall provided by Norton 360. This issue is caused by Norton and causes problems on Vista as well so it is no reflection on Win7.

Machine #2: CPU: 3800+ 3 GB RAM --- Upgrade  ( This is the machine I originally tested the beta on )

Put the DVD in. Chose upgrade. Installation ran. This process took longer than the fresh instalaltion but this is to be expected as it saves setting and prgrams from the Vista install. This upgrade was done on a Vista Ultimate 64 bit OS. The experience beyond this was identical. Machine worked immediately. Responsive.  Tried basic programs like Adobe Acrobat, MS Office, Norton 360, and Firefox that were already on the machine. All programs instaleld with no issues. I had already turned off the Samrt Firewall provided by Norton 360.

Both methods offered a fully working machine that surpassed the Vista experience. This is also a very good sign. I have heard rumors that MS will beoffering Vista owners a free upgrade. If this is true It is nice to know that the upgrade seems to go smoothly making the transition easy.

As of now I still have no major complaints about Win7. Like Vista you have to turn security features off if you don't like having to click allow EVERY time you start something or make a change.


Update 5/20/09.....

Day 2:

While workign wiht the upgraded machine #2; I tried using some older programs liek DVD Decryptor. A program that has not been updated for a long time. The program itself started but saw none of my DVD or Blu-Ray drives. It also popped a few errors. I closed the program and then restarted it with the compatibility setting set to Win XP SP2. Restarted the program and it worked perfectly. This is good news for some of us who use older programs especially since it didn't work all too well for me under previous versions.