FCKeditor - WYSIWG

What is FCKeditor? 

Download here:  http://drupal.org/project/fckeditor

FCKeditor is a WYSIWYG editor for Drupal.  FCKeditor does require you do download the actual editor components from www.fckeditor.net separately and place them on your Drupal server for it all to work correctly.  Once enabled, don't forget to assign the roles that can use the "Default" and "Advanced" otherwise only the 1st user account will be able to use the editting.

The "default" mode enables the very basics of formatting.  For a casual site this is just fine and keeps users from behing overwhelmed.  The "advanced" mode enables significantly more features.  I am still working on testing the functionality within my site, but you may try it out at drupal.fckeditor.com and decide for yourself.

More to come!