Is a quad core cpu WORTH it in a laptop?

I'm looking into buying a new laptop. The large majority only offer dual core cpu's. Some manufacturers offer a quad core option but they are either drastically more expensive or are close to a ghz slower. So I ask the community;  What are your thoughts on this? Is a Core 2 Quad worth the extra money? Is a 2.0 ghz Quad worth more to me then a Dual core 2.93 ghz?

Review - Resident Evil 5

I will preface this all by saying I have not played any of the previous Resident Evil games.  Typically I try to avoid the long and involved games with such grand storylines.  Often I go a week plus between gaming sessions so I will get frustrated.  However Resident Evil 5 looked good, offered co-op play, and I had a gift card.

Iphone SDK on PPC

Like a lot of computer programmers out there, I am considering jumping into iPhone application programming arena.  It is a great way to make a few extra dollars. Unfortunately I only have a PPC MAC instead of the Intel based MAC required for the latest developement software and iPhone simulator. 

Distributing Software Updates via Registry Settings & GPOs

In an environment such as a production or development LAN, you sometimes need to distrubute changes to software throughout all the systems.  I found all these settings I wanted to change were stored in the registry.  So, if I can push out registry updates via Group Policy Objects (GPOs), I can update all the servers from a central location at once.  Last step was to restart the services on each server.

Script - Restart Service on ALL Hosts

After pushing some registry tweaks via GPO, it turned out I needed to restart the service on every host.  Rebooting and/or logging into each host was not a convenient option.  I figured there must be a way to do it.  This is the solution I came up...

Updating NagEventLog Filters via GPO

When you have alot of Windows Servers and would like to add an EventID to the Filter, it is a real pain to update on a server by server basis.  So using a GPO object, you can control the filters directly from a policy without having to manually update each individual server.

Review - New 13" MacBook and 20" iMac

Image - New 13in MacBook

Recently I added some new Macs to corporate environment, a new 13" MacBook and 20" iMac.  While I am a Windows PC guy at heart, I do have an appreciation for good hardware / software and the need to support those who use it.  

Tidbit - Find and Replace Text in Files with Perl

In our Nagios / Webinject environment, we have alot of text configuration files.  Sometimes a simple product update requires me to update LOTS of these files.  A majority of the time, a find and replace is all I need.  Using perl from the command line, I can quickly update a bunch of files saving countless hours of tedious file updates.

Netbooks: A Security Risk?

Netbooks: A Security Risk? - The proliferation of low-end netbook may pose a new threat to the cybersecurity of users. [ Security]

VPS and Authenticated Sendmail

I had a requirement to create a sendmail server that can authenticate a user and send mail from a remote location.  First off, I needed to figure out where to host this solution.  By choosing an inexpensive hosted linux VPS, I can scale my virtual server and have some more flexibility over the configuration.  Also by having a dedicated VPS I will not have to worry about impacting other app and software configurations as I work.