Nagios Thresholds and Ranges

When creating alerts, I did not even realize at first there were functions that could more narrowly / flexibly define the thresholds such as this.  There are a few cases when you want the to trigger an alert when a value is too low, or less than a certain level. 

Nagios Plugin Return Codes

Sometimes you want to write a simple script to check a few things and have this script work with Nagios.   Well, one of the 1st things you need to understand are the return codes.  Below are the basic return codes your script should return.

ERROR: CHECK_NRPE: Socket timeout after 10 seconds.

Several conditions can trigger this error with your Nagios checks.  Many of them are obvious, but this one had me stumped for awhile.

Windows 7: A few weeks with one user

Windows 7 is the latest OS release from Microsoft. The Beta is currently available to all in 32 and 64 bit versions. I am currently running the 32-bit version for comparison purposes. For years I have run XP and then Vista.  All three versions have been installed and used on the same system with the same configuration. Currently the Beta is installed on a machine that has an AMD X2 2.0 GHz, 3gb RAM, Nvidia 8800, displaying on an Apple 30 inch Cinema.

Palm's New SmartPhone

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I had a Palm back in the day.  It truly was a great piece of technology for its time.  As most of the mobile / PDA community would agree, they just did not evolve sufficiently.  The Palm Pre has captured my eye though.

Review - APC Switched Rack PDU

APC Switched PDU Image


The APC Switched Rack PDU provides an 8 outlet, rack-mountable power strip with the ability to remotely power on/off selected outlets. A standard 100/120V 15A outlet is all that is required. It is perfect for cabinet applications or even plywood wall mounting. Remotely power cycle those "flaky" devices in your datacenter or server room without having to leave your desk!

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Review - Acer Aspire One

Image - Acer Aspire One


The Acer Aspire One is Acer's mainstream netbook. A netbook is a light-weight, low-cost, energy-efficient, highly portable laptop that is suitable for general purpose computing.  Several colors and various hardware/software options are available including NAND SSD drives and a choice of XP Home and Linux operating systems.

Creating/Migrating your website? Things to Know Part 2

The second critical item to creating / migrating your website that you need to know is DNS. What is DNS? DNS is an acronym for "Domain Naming System" and points names to IP addresses. It is the one critical service that makes the internet work yet everyday surfers are mostly unaware of.

Creating/Migrating your website? Things to Know Part 1

Several key aspects of the "website technology" are often overlooked when creating / migrating your website. Without understanding some of the basics, your 'launch' could turn into a major headache. Knowing the details up front helps planning and execution go as smoothly as possible and prevents future headaches. Today's post is about Domain Registration.

Domain Registration