Fix - EventID 4007 DNS Server Error

The DNS Server Event Log was throwing the Event ID: 4007 error for "" and "". When I investigated it seemed to be throwing it for an old AD integrated domain that was no longer in use. I was not the original creator of the environment, but was just trying to create some good clean living.


In my Nagios testing I was trying to work with the CHECK_ESX3.PL script to run some scripts against the ESX hosts in the environment. I installed the required VMware vSphere Perl SDK (latest from VMware's site). I was able to run "./" without any errors. However when I tried to run an actual check against a host I received:

IBM BladeCenter BIOS Post Error

After upgrading the BIOS to the latest revision of several HS21 blades in the IBM BladeCenter H Chassis, I began to see several errors during system boot / post.

POSTBIOS: 00182100 000000Q
00182100 00000000 iSCSI/BOFM error

Nagios, NagVis and PNP4Nagios Example

Nagios, NagVis and PNP4Nagios Example

A vanilla out of the box example of the Nagios/NagVis/PNP4Nagios integration. The usual installation pains of all the dependencies required for the packages. Setup was not too difficult following the documentation. I created a simple hardware diagram in Visio in this example. I added icons for HOST status and the CPU Load and Root Partition service checks.

VMware - Cannot add extent in vSphere

I had a small datastore that was at capacity in my ESXi 4.1 vSphere/vCenter cluster. I created a new LUN on my iSCSI storage to add as an extent to the datastore. However when I went into the configuration of the datastore within the vSphere client and hit the INCREASE button, the new LUN was not visible.

VMware Disk Maximums

edit - VMFSv3 only...

Because I'm always forgetting the Logic in the VMware Maximum Storage capacity for a datastore, LUN and VMFS volume.

Max Extent size 2TB minus 512B
Max VMFS size 64TB minus 512B
Max Number of Extents per Volume 32 (32 x 2TB = 64TB)

Link - CSS Text Shadow Tricks

Always looking for new ways to make text on a webpage pop? This link has a lot of great examples of CSS text shadows. You can use these little CSS tricks to make eye-catching headlines or titles without the need for images or other tricks.

Info - Drive Indicator Patterns, DELL PowerEdge 1950/2950

Surprisingly took a bit to find in my Google Searching. So I figured I'd blog it and hopefully save someone else a few minutes with Google indexes this page.

This is the indicator light identified by the "heartbeat" symbol.

Table 1-3. Hard-Drive Indicator Patterns for RAID

VMware and Local Proxy

I had a very strange issue where my VMware Workstation would not open any VM I had or after I used the wizard to create one, it would just hang. I would click "open", browse, select and ... nothing. No errors in the event viewer or in the local file directories.

New VPS Hosting Provider

For consolidation purposes and to just get a better, more reliable provider, I migrated the site and content to another provider. offers a much more stable and reliable hosting experience. Their features and functionality may not always be the flashiest, but they work!