Nagios SNMP Tools

Just a quick post about trying to get Nagios to use SNMP.  You need to make sure you have the components needed.  My stripped down little VPS I use for testing did not.  I needed to run:

Exchange2010 Installtion Issues

I have had a very busy time consulting of late and have not been able to update much on the blog.  However I did want to document this one issue that drove me BERSERK for so long.

Tip - Reading a Mac HD in Windows

It has been awhile since I had time to write a blog post, but here is a quick one.  

Sendmail - Masquerading multiple domains

I have a little VPS that is used as platform for POP'ing and SMTP relaying for internal projects and testing.  Originally it was all setup under a single domain and I had turned on masquerading.  However I needed to add another domain for a different project.

Perl Script - Active Directory Password Expiration

There are alot of reasons to use Active Directory (AD) for your central authentication needs.  On a corporate AD network though, there may be some non-windows users that will not get the friendly password expiration reminders when they login to their systems.  Subsequently these users will get locked out when their password exipres.

CNAME / A with MX Records

Stumbled into an issue again today that has come up a few times for me, so I figured I will right out the reason for this as a friendly reminder.

The Scenario:

Fix - GotoMeeting Could not Connect

Had a very odd issue with GotoMeeting client on a Laptop PC.  The client refused to connect so the user could attend an online meeting.  It was acting like it had no network connection.

RealTek HD Audio and Windows7

I finally got around to rebuilding my primary desktop PC.  In addition to adding the second harddrive and creating a RAID1 configuration, I took the leap to Windows7.  Now my main desktop and my new Aspire Aspire Nettop media PC (review to come) run Windows7 on my home LAN.

Tip - DSADD and DSMOD Commands


Adding a large group of new Active Directory (AD) users and add them to a group.


Using DSADD and DSMOD command line options in a batch script.

Knowing the command syntax and having a Excel Spreadsheet of the User information, I created a bulk list of commands I executed by "batch" script.

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