Error - NSClient Counter Errors

***** Nagios *****

Notification Type: PROBLEM

Service: CPU Load
Host: BALLYs DBA-1
Address: ballys.hubteam.local

Date/Time: Mon Dec 28 12:53:20 CST 2009
Duration: 0d 0h 2m 1s
Additional Info:
NSClient - ERROR: Could not get data for 5 perhaps we dont collect data this far back?


GoogleApps BES Connector Evaluation

* I believe there has been a revision or two released since our evalutation.

GoogleApps Annoyances for Users and Admins

GoogleApps has gained alot of traction as a corporate email and collaboration platform.  Google has alot of benefits and many younger employees are familiar with the Google tools.  However as a veteran business user, especially a user of Outlook/Exchange, you may be frustrated.

Calendar Attachements in GoogleApps... NOT

One feature overlooked in our GoogleApps testing was the ability to attach documents via the GoogleApps Calendar Web interface.  We have multiple business cases for attaching docuemnts to calendar invites...

Outage History - Updated

We're not trying to hide anything, so here is a list of known outages / isuses that we have experienced so far. 

  • 20091207 @ 12pm EST - VPS provider was down due to networking issues in the Colocation.  Downtime was ~4hrs.

error - expat.h: No such file or directory

While trying to get a perl utility working, I had to install a bunch of prerequisite perl modules on my CentOS 5 VPS.  One requirement was XML::Parser.  However when I tried to install it like so:

[root@localhost]perl -MCPAN -e shell
cpan> install XML::Parser

I received errors with the below being the most relevent bit...

Power Block Fail

Power Block Fail

Not entirely sure how this happened, but I found this under a user's desk.  Guess we were lucky this did not cause a bigger issue.

ERROR - GD, PNG, and/or JPEG libraries could not be located

Running through a new Nagios 3.2.0 install.  Downloaded all the components I'm going to need on my new VPS.  Installed gcc, php, and a few others I knew I would need.  However when I ran the configure I got the following error:

*** GD, PNG, and/or JPEG libraries could not be located... *********

Network Connectivity Issue - ARP

A recent project involved converting a small public LAN in a colocation facility into a private LAN behind a Cisco ASA firewall.  Two of the main reasons for doing so was to allow us to centrally manage host security as well as "move" IPs via simple NAT changes.

How To - Upgrading XP VM to Win7

Today's project was to create a Windows7 Virtual Machine I can test a few pieces of software with.  I only had a Windows7 32bit Upgrade media available since we licensed the upgrade for existing XP/Vista laptops.  I booted up my WindowsXP base test image and loaded the Windows7 DVD.